Technical Assistance

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Providing Support to the Field Through CSOM's Technical Assistance Program

CSOM provides technical assistance in a variety of forms to support jurisdictions who have demonstrated their commitment to establishing effective management strategies and who want to enhance or explore innovations in the delivery of those strategies. CSOM technical assistance is tailored specifically to the needs of the requestor and is designed and conducted by individuals who have extensive experience working with individuals, agencies, and communities around the country on the enhancement of adult and juvenile sex offender management strategies. Technical assistance includes, but is not limited to: establishing multi-disciplinary collaborative policy making and/or case management teams; strengths and gaps analysis; strategic planning; knowledge and skill development; and expert consultation on a variety of issues related to the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of sex offense cases; sex offender assessment, treatment, and supervision; sex offender reentry; registration and notification; and public education.

Although federal funding has been available in previous years to support qualifying requests for training, at the present time no such resources are available. However, CSOM staff are available to respond to telephone inquiries and will offer referrals to information and other forms of assistance as they may be available. Beyond this, CSOM staff are able to provide assistance on a fee-for-service basis. Contact us for more information.