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The Center for Sex Offender Management has produced a number of documents (policy and practice briefs, fact sheets, and resource documents), and training curricula that address critical topics in the area of effective sex offender management. These resources provide an overview of the research and emerging practices in the field, a discussion of the benefits and limitations of such practices, and advance a common language and understanding of evidence-based and promising practices in the field. These publications are distributed nationally through direct mailings and through the major national criminal justice libraries. New publications will be added to this Web site as they become available. The publications listed below are currently available for download. If you are unable to download any of these, please send a message with your contact information to lgilligan@cepp.com, indicating the document you would like to receive and we will send you a complimentary copy by mail.


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Training Curriculum for Juvenile Court Judges

Video Curriculum for Judges Handling Adult Sex Offense Cases
This seminar is designed to provide judges with an introduction to the broad range of issues and information relevant to the sentencing and management of sex offenders, particularly those offenders who will be supervised in the community for some portion of their sentence. It includes four modules: defining the problem of sexual offending; gathering information, assessing sex offenders, and protecting victims; sentencing for the effective management of sex offenders in the community; and collaboration in the management of sex offenders.


Sentencing Adult Sex Offenders
Webcast for Judges on Sentencing Sex Offenders Offered by the National Judicial College
Public concern is high when sex offender cases are before the court. Judges must sentence those charged with sex offenses using the best information available. This interactive discussion will examine the sentencing decision and its implications. The discussion will include common misconceptions about sex offenders and how those misconceptions may have a dramatic impact on sentencing. After this webcast, participants will be able to identify the sentencing factors a judge may consider, determine the necessary information that should appear in the sentencing report, and analyze the continuum of sentences and probation violations. For more information and to register, click here.