Providing Training Through CSOM's Intensive Training Programs

Training Events

Those who bear responsibility for the disposition, release, and supervision of sex offenders must have information on effective strategies to manage this population. One of the primary goals of CSOM is to respond to the pressing need in the field for training. CSOM designs and delivers intensive training programs, in single and multi-disciplinary settings, to provide basic knowledge to practitioners in the sex offender management field and to highlight the critical need for interagency collaboration in this work.

CSOM's training events focus on several key issues:

  • The roles that the criminal justice, treatment, and victim advocacy communities play in the case management process;
  • The importance of collaboration at the policy level and the case management process; and
  • The practical application of emerging research and best practice to those working directly with sex offenders.

Although federal funding has been available in previous years to support qualifying requests for training, at the present time no such resources are available. However, CSOM staff are available to respond to telephone inquiries and will offer referrals to information and other forms of assistance as they may be available. Beyond this, CSOM staff are able to provide assistance on a fee-for-service basis. Contact us for more information.

Training Curricula

CSOM has also developed a comprehensive set of training curricula that address sex offender supervision, treatment, assessment, and other management issues. These curricula represent the first comprehensive, written, stand-alone set of materials on these topics and are available to jurisdictions nationwide for download on the CSOM web site (see the Training Curricula Home Page) and on CD-ROM. The following two curricula do not appear on the Training Curricula home page but are also available through CSOM:

Managing Juvenile Sex Offense Cases: Keys to Informed Decisionmaking

This curriculum is designed to provide practical information to juvenile and family court judges about youth who engage in sexually abusive behavior, and to enhance their day-to-day decisionmaking in these challenging cases.

A Video Seminar on Sex Offenders: Sentencing and Management Issues for Judges

Produced by CSOM, with funding from the State Justice Institute, the video curriculum provides an overview of issues important to the court. The seminar is designed to provide judges with an introduction to the broad range of issues and information relevant to the sentencing and management of sex offenders, particularly those offenders who will be supervised in the community for some portion of their sentence. It is hosted by a panel of five judges who serve as core faculty for the seminar. It includes four modules:

  • Defining the Problem of Sexual Offending;
  • Gathering Information, Assessing Sex Offenders, and Protecting Victims;
  • Sentencing for the Effective Management of Sex Offenders in the Community; and
  • Collaboration in the Management of Sex Offenders-Dealing with the Tough Issues.

The seminar includes a set of four videos (approximately one hour each) and a written curriculum guide containing participant materials. A complete set of seminar materials is available on a loan basis through your state judicial educator.

To order a copy of the video seminar, identify your state judicial educator, or obtain additional information about our materials, please contact:

Cherrie Smith Raines
Executive Assistant
Center for Sex Offender Management